The Florentine Craftsmanship -Art Gallery Bazzanti

The Florentine Craftsmanship -Art Gallery Bazzanti

I walk long the Lungarni (the streets that go long the river Arno, built in the 19th century), the walk is really nice, it is possible to admire the bridges over the river, among which also the most famous “Ponte Vecchio”, historical palaces and hotels facing it and various craftsman’s workshops, so called “botteghe”.

I enter in a historic craftsman workshop “Galleria Bazzanti”, owned by the ancient “Fonderia Marinelli”, a business classified among the historical shops of the city.

When you enter, you feel like immersing into a concentrated museum. There are real-size copies of masterpieces in marble and bronze….. Michelangelo’s Pietà, Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabine Women, Pietro Tacca’s work “La Fontana dei Mostri Marini”, Ghiberti’s Formella of the Gate of Paradise, etc….

These works are situated in a double row in the halls and rooms, they follow each other alternating historical periods and styles. You realize the mastery of those craftsmen/artists and their skills in creating copies, handmade by ancient methods…. It is an umbilical cord that connects us with our past. It means continuing to create works showing a great ability in handiwork and art of which Florence has been Master, and partially it still is. These cratfsmen who maintain this ability and this genius unchanged, create works that can be purchased. It makes me proud and happy… All this is “Florentinity”, Italian spirit. In a world that is always more globalized and full of stereotypes, it is beautiful to be a definite and particular reality.

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