Stamps and Style in Florence

Stamps and Style in Florence

The Oltrarno (Santo Spirito) is a district beyond the Arno River, which divides the noble part from the most popular part; this area has been able to maintain its original atmosphere, where artisan shops, squares, taverns, shops and residents still create this special atmosphere

It’s always a great pleasure to go there and find nice surprises . Via Santo Spirito the main street in this neighborhood is full of particular and special places.

Walking there I passed in front of a shop that impressed me a lot, I came in …. In this place of Artisans / Stilists there are unique style products, interior design objects, made with ancient hand-painted prints, applied to various objects: glass, furniture, lamps, paintings, frames …….

The atmosphere of this place has charme and class, tradition and modernity embrace, giving shape to very beautiful objects, done manually with technique and ability.

The exhibition capacity goes together with the achievement quality …. what a nice feeling I did try, really unique and special things …. really beautiful!!!

Le Dimore dei Cherubini

Geovesta srl
Via de’ Brunelleschi, 4 - 50123 Florence
Tel. 055 288478 - Fax 055 2729144 | P.IVA 04350070480

Luxury B&B La Dimora degli Angeli

Via de’ Brunelleschi, 4
50123 Florence

Luxury B&B La Dimora del Centro

Piazza della Repubblica, 3
50123 Florence