La Via del Tè-Florence

La Via del Tè-Florence

We would like to show you through our Blog, a different Florence from the traditional and important touristic tours,giving you advices about places full of quality and special charm,where excellence and the beauty are protagonist. This is our Florence made of: locals,artisans,museums, gardens, parks and places that usually are out from standard touristic tours.

Today will start with “Florence seen by our eyes – 1”
we want to introduce you an important Tea Importer from all over the world “La via del Tè” where you can taste it in their 3 Tea-boutiques, Piazza Ghiberti 22, Via Santo Spirito 11 (pictures), in Via della Condotta 26.
We hope that this will be of liking and curiosity this little discovery of the current Florence where soul and passion blend with their work.


Le Dimore dei Cherubini

Geovesta srl
Via de’ Brunelleschi, 4 - 50123 Florence
Tel. 055 288478 - Fax 055 2729144 | P.IVA 04350070480

Luxury B&B La Dimora degli Angeli

Via de’ Brunelleschi, 4
50123 Florence

Luxury B&B La Dimora del Centro

Piazza della Repubblica, 3
50123 Florence