Folon-Rose’s Garden

Folon-Rose’s Garden

Spring has arrived and Florence that is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains becomes a spectacle in this season. Warm sun and pleasant weather invite you to take a walk in the gardens around Florence.

Walking long the river Arno, after the ramps you arrive to “Folon – Rose Garden” which is located under the fabulous Michelangelo Square.

The garden is open to the public every day. It owes its name to the Belgian artist Jan Michael Folon, whose bronze sculptures are permanently exhibited inside the garden and underline the charm of this space of harmony.

It is situated in a downhill panoramic position from where you can see Florence and the Forte Belvedere, marvellous!!!!

Rose bushes of different types, colored roses, white, yellow, salmon pink little roses – an infinity of roses.

You are in the middle of a green space, surrounded by roses, and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view – Florence is embracing you!!

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