Easy Living- Terrace Piazza Poggi

Easy Living- Terrace Piazza Poggi

It’s a very hot summer here in Florence and we have very high heat tips, which makes even more people who want to live the night / night city in search of outdoor spaces to spend the evening in sociality with a minimum of freshness.

Last night we had dinner in a fashion place, which is haunted from many people (local and not), it is the Easy Living- Urban Beach on the Arno; it is a projet of the florentine summer, where you can enjoy a real beach on the river Arno, with open spaces to do workout, Beach volley, yoga, there are sun umbrellas, beach beds and the bar, which during the evening became an happy hour place and it has even a concert lot.

There is also a big garden on the Easy Leaving-Terrace Piazza Poggi, where from 7:30 p.m. You can eat very good pizza and/or typical and tradition tuscan plates, and the kiosk with an iron structure for to have cocktail.

Seated on the Easy Leaving -Terrace Piazza Poggi, just in front of the Arno, you can see the Ponte Vecchio, the tower bells and the buildings that enclosed the river, a slight breeze to relief from this summer heat, a passing of people who are chatting, sharing food and having drinks.

We are speaking, while eating our pizza and admiring the sun going down behind the florentine monuments, which colored of orange/red the horizon.

It is a real pleasure to seat under these high and thick trees, while you can admire the (Arno d’argento), be together with your fiance/ee, and feel yourselve just on thing with the beauty around you, in an open space, and enjoing Florence with his Easy Living- Terrace Piazza Poggi.

After dinner we decided to have a walk along the river; this year the walk along the Arno, which is from Piazza Poggi to Lungarno Torrigiani, has beautiful wooden sculptures like Fantastic Animals of the artist Sedicente Moradi.

From here you have a new point of view of these unique monuments, only with the light of the palaces, which is reflected on the water, the moon, the stars and meeting the Fantastic Animals of Sedicente Moradi.

Florence has the ability to enter in your heart! It’s really worth it!!

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