Bill Viola Master of Video Art to Palazzo Strozzi – Firenze


Bill Viola Master of Video Art to Palazzo Strozzi – Firenze

Strozzi Palace, one of the most beautiful palace of the Renaissance architecture, is located in the ancien heart of Florence and today sets up exhibitions of worldwide artists.

From March until 23rd July has been realized the exhibition of Bill Viola Master of Videoart to Palazzo Strozzi Firenze: Bill Viola, from New York but with a special, direct connection with Florence…he’s started in Florence in 1974 his first video experimentations until the world’s recognition of his work.

The exhibition embeds you in the huge videos about the relationship between humans and nature…water…fire…wind…earth…the scanning of the time, parallelism with famous, renaissance Masters.

A big surprise for me, I didn’t know Bill Viola…the foundation Strozzi Palace can surprise and enrich you, making contrast with worldwide Artists exhibitions, like Bill Viola, and Classicity & Beauty, that Florence is plenty of.

Not by chance, Bill Viola was fascinated and contaminated by this beauty during his first visit in 1974, making later a new and modern tribute to the city, in a artistic way of our modern society, giving strength and uniqueness to images of extraordinary emotion.

Don’t miss it!!!

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